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    Default trying to find engine info

    I picked up a mariner 15c 684 cs 004038 and i have been going through the links on this forum to try to identify it without success so I would appreciate any information like year etc. I believe the 15c means 15hp and the cs maybe means counter rotation short shaft? Thanks

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    15 horse power
    C - "C" model (there was an A and a B earlier)

    684 - Yamaha (code) that tells you it is "mechanically" a 1978 "B model" Yamaha

    C - came with factory control kit (to hook up for remote operation but not electric start) AND a tiller handle, so you could rig it either way
    S - standard (short shaft for 15" transom)

    004038 - the actual Mariner serial indicating it was sold as a 1979 rope start Mariner

    Here's a link to all the parts diagrams and (what is still available): http://www.marineengine.com/parts/ma...4000101-and-up

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    Default Re: trying to find engine info

    thank you didnt realize it was that old.

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