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    Default LM 318 High Oil Pressure

    Hi Guys,

    I recently changed the oil and oil filter in my Chrysler LM 318. I now have a higher oil pressure, its moved from the Operating Manual specified pressure of 65 psi to around 85 psi. I'm not sure if I should be worried by this and don't know why it would have changed.

    The new filter is the same brand and type as the one I replaced and while the oil is not the same brand used before the oil is the correct specification SAE 30, 20W-50.

    Any advice you can give would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: LM 318 High Oil Pressure

    Most engine oil pumps control pressure via a bi-pass or relief valve. These are pre-set.
    The pumps themselves are capable of producing much more pressure.
    It would be uncommon for the bi-pass or relief valve to change value.

    Engine oil may begin to cavitate when pressure exceeds 45/60 psi.

    I would temporarily install a known-to-be-good mechanical gauge and verify the actual pressure that you are seeing on the OEM gauge.
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    Default Re: LM 318 High Oil Pressure

    My manual indicates SAE 30 weight oil or an alternative 20W-40 for my 318.
    20W-50 might produce a slightly higher oil pressure, but I wouldn't think as much as 20 psi higher.
    It could be that you have a bad oil filter right out of the box, all else being unchanged.
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