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    Default Help! Breaking free an exhaust manifold

    We're trying to install the alternator bracket upgrade on our Universal 25. The studs on the exhaust manifold were not long enough to simply bolt on the new bracket. So we need to remove the studs and install the longer ones in the kit.
    All the nuts came off easy on the existing studs. In fact two upper studs came right out with the nut(!).
    This encouraged me to try getting the other studs out with doubled nuts . Mistake! The first stud I tried sheared off right where it exits the manifold.
    So now we're trying try break the manifold free to slide it off. The manifold has broken free at five of the six studs, but will not come free on the stud that sheared off. We have opened it up perhaps 1/64"- we can see the stubborn stud at the block/manifold joint

    We have tried:
    - putty knives and screw drivers as wedges.
    - pb blaster both on the sheared off end and down in the 1/64" gap
    - 2 minutes heat gun at the joint.
    - a Dremel tool on the sheared off end in case a burr was holding the manifold from sliding off
    - drilling the sheared off end- worked up to 5/32"on the just under 8/32" stud ( actually 6mm or about 0.240)

    How do we get the manifold to break free at this last stud? ( It is the upper forward stud)

    Please help!! We're living on board and dead in the water now in Hampton, VA.

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    Default Re: Help! Breaking free an exhaust manifold

    Probably too late, but when taking out stubborn studs, an impact wrench usually removes studs, bolts, nuts without sheering the stud. When you put it back together, use some form of never-seize for next time.

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