5.7L 1983 Searay, 800 series stringer. Trim stable, but unmovable at the almost up position (nose of engine down). Not completely bottomed. Will not move. Hydrolics must be good as at lake speeds or planing out doesn't move the engine at all. Solenoids click, replaced just 3 years ago - connections look very good. When moving the trim button while under way just nails the dash amp meter. Have not checked input or output from solenoid as meter went bellyup, new one due in. Tilt works OK (just ok). Boat is 36 years old and trim motor looks very original. I've had boat 31 years and never replaced. Of course, unit very hard to get to.

Other then metering volts, any suggestions? I see where a motor/resevoir can be purchased - I assume that could be a messy job - will have to take all the sundeck/Engine framework apart (ugh!). I assume you have to really be able to get all around the unit to replace.

Any easy way to lift front of engine out of the trim gauge red zone? I'm not pulling skiers so getting planed out currently is not unusable by any means. It would be nice to get it trimmed down a bit and if I have to tear it apart, do it after season.

Thanks in advance. K.