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    Default 1985 4HP DT4 Loud grinding sound in neutral

    My DT4 is making an insanely loud grinding sound coming from the gearbox when it's in neutral. The motor runs great otherwise, I basically have to cold start it in neutral and immediately slap it into gear to warm up while. I've pulled apart the gearbox more times than I can count and I can see the light scoring on the main gear from this happening, but it's not too bad yet.

    I've looked everywhere, including the other post on here about a screaming gearbox. This one has me stumped. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Ive checked the gearbox against the factory service manual and all the parts are there and look good.

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    Default Re: 1985 4HP DT4 Loud grinding sound in neutral

    Perhaps look into adjusting the shift rod.

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