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    Question Please help identify year


    I recently purchased a 15 HP Mariner motor.
    I had a short shaft motor, but it was too short for my boat, so I bought this long shaft motor.
    My boat is a 14x48 Polar Kraft.

    Can you help me identify the year of the motor ?

    The numbers on the identification plate are:

    Mariner 15 ML
    684C L 329036

    I am not a mechanic, but am ok with regular maintenance.

    I checked the compression in both cylinders, they are 120 and 119.

    I'd like any suggestion on what kind of maintenance is recommend since taking over new ownership: such as changing fuel filer, changing fuel hoses (2), lower unit oil, is the gas/oil mixture 50:1 ? ...etc.

    Engine starts on 2nd or 3rd pull.

    Not that I want to right away, but I wanted to ask about the possibility, expense & difficulty of converting to electric start.


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    Default Re: Please help identify year

    That is an '85 Yamaha built Mariner. I wouldn't have any clue as to how expensive it would be to convert to electric start,but maybe a blown head doner might be the cheapest option.
    50:1 is correct and all of the above you mentioned,plus the impeller/water pump.

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    Default Re: Please help identify year

    You would have to change the flywheel (no longer available) to the one with the teeth for the starter and find a starter (no longer available even in the aftermarket). The rest could be cobbled together (solenoid, harness etc) but the main parts might only be found at a recycler and the 15 Yami/Mariner was not super popular to start with (in North America).

    So could be done but lot's of "looking" and even the used components would likely cost as much as the entire motor is worth.

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