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    Default Fireball v8 327/225hp lack of rpm above 2000rpm

    First time posting to the site, hope someone can help. Have a 1961 Gray Marine Fireball V8 327/255 with side draft and twin one barrel Carters (both rebuilt) that will idle nicely and throttle up to 2000rpm before it begins to run rough and shake. Have pulled distributor and cleaned up fly weights, new points/condenser, cap/rotor, wires and plugs. Timed to TDC per mfg specs. Vacuum advance is questionable but have used manual suction to watch advance arm move. Manually advancing distributor during throttle up has no effect. Any ideals out there??????

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    Default Re: Fireball v8 327/225hp lack of rpm above 2000rpm

    The vacuum advance distributor would be for an automotive application.
    Install the correct distributor, set BASE advance, and then look to see what the advance is doing at 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 RPM and above.
    If you have a good hot spark, and if it is advancing up to approx 28* @ 3,400 RPM, then I would look elsewhere.
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