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    Question Busted engine block

    I bought a 2002 Bryant with a frozen & busted 350 engine block. The heads and manifolds look okay. It only has 380 hours on it. I have a good Vortec engine block from a van. Can I put brass freeze plugs in it & use this block?

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    I would have the heads and the manifold checked also. As for using a truck engine. It probably won't last long. Unless it's rebuilt. Racing around at 5000 rpm with blow up that engine quickly.

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    I just want to use the block. I will use the internals, cam, crank, pistons, etc. form the boat. Just wanted advice on weather the engine blocks are the same. I'll get a rebuild kit for bearings and gaskets. I have been a mechanic forever, just don't know a lot about boats.
    Are the freeze plugs the only thing I need to be concerned with?

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    Ayuh,..... The blocks are the same,..... core plugs, 'n head gaskets are different,.....

    I wouldn't trust the heads either,.....
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    I will have the manifolds and heads checked. Thank you all for responding.

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    Brian, if the cylinder block (same year/model) will accept your crankshaft, camshaft, roller cam followers, etc, all should be OK.

    As for the casting core plugs (aka welch plugs), brass would be best, although if this will soon be fitted with a closed cooling system, the brass welch plugs may not be necessary. I would go with brass..... the cost difference is minimal.
    Likewise with the head gaskets...... Marine if raw water cooled, high grade automotive if soon to be fitted with a closed cooling system.

    I agree, have the cylinder heads and intake manifold magnafluxed.

    When you reach the point of adjusting cam followers, use the tried and proven 8 stop static procedure..... not the 2 or 3 stop!

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