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    Default 1962 sea king 24v & 12v only 2 battreys

    im working on a 1962 sea king with a 1967 35 hp seaking and a 70lbs motor glide 24v electric motor
    now my problem is the owner wants the two 12v deep cycle batt in the bow so i'm looking at running the 24v down the port side and the 12 v down the starboard side plus he wants to run a step down off one batt to all the electrics ie..CAR stereo(no amp just some small 6x9s) fish finder a spot light (6" fog light) and the running lights bow&stern the motor still has the wiring to ke and tac my question is can it be done?
    thanks for any help you all can give

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    Default Re: 1962 sea king 24v & 12v only 2 battreys

    Better off to use 3 batteries. 2 deep cycle for trolling motor wires for 24v. And 1 cranking battery for engine.
    Charging a deep cycle battery is a different procedure than charging a cranking battery. You must use a deep cycle battery charger for deep cycle batteries. Running longer cables for the engine would require bigger gauge wire and I think would be harder on the starter and the charging system of the engine. The accesories should be run off the deep cycle batteries as they tend to last longer .
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