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    Default Mariner 20e Propeller replacement

    Hi there,

    Hopefully someone can help! New to boating here, so have limited knowledge, please bear with me on any of the following terminology!

    I’m in the process of refurbishing a Shetland 535 (fun project with a friend!)

    The boat wasn’t purchased with a motor, but we have recently managed to pick up a Mariner 20hp outboard, which is by no means new, however for its age seems in great condition (looked practically brand new under the hood and hardly ever used!). The propeller however was basically disintegrating and badly worn. Which leads me to the question, what is the best replacement?!?

    Information I have -

    Motor is a Mariner 20e, serial number 6a9L 550502.

    I can just about make out on the existing propeller a stamp that says - 9 7/8 x 9F.

    A question I have is does it NEED to be an exact like for like replacement? Or is there any kind of leeway with the pitch?? I’m asking as when I search for the above they seem to be few and far between options that match!

    Also, any watch-outs/must dos when fitting a new prop, and running a motor that’s not been used for a few decades

    Very grateful for any help or info that can be given!!
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    Default Re: Mariner 20e Propeller replacement

    You have to select a propeller for the boat / load that you are using.----Talk to your local shop to see what is the best prop for your boat.

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    Default Re: Mariner 20e Propeller replacement

    Thanks for the quick reply racerone!

    This makes sense, I was thinking the propeller was more closely related to the motor but it is more logical that it might differ from boat-to-boat.

    We are literally only going to use the boat as a ‘day-boat’ on local rivers, which all have speed restrictions so speed/performance isn’t a concern. (MAX 4/5 knots) we just wanted easiest/cheapest option to get the boat on the river.

    In your opinion what is the most important propeller measurement? Is it the diameter? (9 7/8) Or the pitch that makes the difference from boat to boat? Just wandering if looking for a like-for-like replacement on-line (via auction sites etc.) would it make much difference if the pitch was slightly greater by an inch or so?

    Local shops don’t seem hugely helpful given the age of the motor.

    Thanks again, and sorry again if these are newbie questions!

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