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    Default Droplets of Coolant in 6V92Turbo Pan

    So in the course of re-establishing oil pressure to my 6V92T (oil filter), I discovered a small amount of coolant in the bottom of the pan.
    I am wondering the most likely sources for the contamination?



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    Default Re: Droplets of Coolant in 6V92Turbo Pan

    It sounds like you have a closed, pressurized cooling system. Is that correct?

    What air cooling does it have? Intercooler? Aftercooler? Both?

    One thing about a pressurized system is that a small leak can spray and be seen in an area, away from the source, that might not seem logical.

    Another thing about ANY liquid leak is that gravity will pull it far from where it originated and have you fooled sometimes. Always look UP, when trying to find a leak,
    to the highest place that particular fluid could possibly come from.

    I have never seen a liquid cooled turbo on a 92 but that doesn't mean they don't exist. If you are running one of those, the coolant lines and fittings are definitely where to examine closely first.

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    Default Re: Droplets of Coolant in 6V92Turbo Pan

    Yes, closed pressurized. After cooled. Also has an oil cooler.

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    Default Re: Droplets of Coolant in 6V92Turbo Pan

    If you can't find a source for the coolant, try putting some toilet paper around the hose connections, cooler, etc. or use something like powder anywhere coolant flows. Sometimes even a quality hose will develop a pin hole leak. Often only seen when the system is up to pressure.

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