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    Default Proper tank and vent procedures?

    I have a 2006 Tohatsu 6hp four stroke. I bought a Tohatsu tank and hose 18 months ago. I had to replace the engine side hose connector when the O-ring was damaged a month ago. All I had access to was an aftermarket connector. The tank side is the “coax” type.

    If I disconnect the hose from the engine during a sunny day I see fuel leaking out of the engine side hose connector. If I release the cap to release pressure, later in the evening the tank collapses from the negative pressure as the fuel cools.

    Should the cap vent be closed during the day when the engine is between uses?

    when should I disconnect the engine side connector?

    when to disconnect the engine side?

    Any other tank and hose considerations?


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    Default Re: Proper tank and vent procedures?

    The engine-side connector should not drip. If it does, the internal valve is either damaged or just not seating. What end did you buy? The corrct part is:

    DescriptionFemale fuel connector - Engine side 8mm (5/16")

    This is the connector that is installed on the fuel hose that connects to the motor.

    Fits all 4-stroke models.
    Part #: 3GR702500M
    List Price (MSRP): $22.45

    As for the tank, it seems you have an EPA-rated tank. That can pressurize to 5 psi in the sunlight, and develop a slight vacuum when it cools. These have a check valve in the vent. Personally, I prefer the older kind with a real vent.

    The engine-side connector should come off at the end of every day, so that you can run the motor until it stalls, using up the fuel in the carb. This gets critical when you let the motor sit for a week or two. If full of gas, it will varnish up.

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