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    Default Changing large outboard - want to treat wood transome and bolt holes Parker

    Changing my 1990 23.5 Parker 200 HP outboard. Concern about integrity of transom and would like to take preventative maintenance measures. Once the engine is removed was thinking treat the bolt holes; maybe some sort of penetrating epoxy. No idea on the brand or type. Also was wondering, if something like this is advisable; how to treat the topside of the holes (fighting gravity) just brush it the best possible or is there some clever way to block the holes and somehow fill it to get maximum saturation? Let's assume the holes/internal wood is now treated and dry; what would be used to seal the holes / bolts; some sort of 3M 5200. I'm not looking to cut corners.



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    Default Re: Changing large outboard - want to treat wood transome and bolt holes Parker

    A big rubber mallet should give you an indication of the transom's condition.

    The OEMs making penetrating epoxies usually have good directions for using their products. Their tech support people can usually help you with a specific condition - never hurts to ask.

    As far as the bolts holes go, using 5200 as things are assembled is usually adequate to keep the water out.

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