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    Default 6 volts coming into solenoid?

    Hey Guys, having some issues starting my outboard and was looking for future steps in troubleshooting. It's a 2005 Mercury 90HP.

    I know my battery is good (tested it and all).
    12.5V steady state, >9.5V when cranking.
    20A fuse is good.

    I have 3 terminal connections to my solenoid. 1 is 12V from battery, another is from relays, and the other is from 20A fuse and 2 hot wires from regulator/rectifier.

    When I switch the key to run, I read 12V at the input of the solenoid. When I "crank" the key, my voltage drops to 6V at input of solenoid. Any thoughts?

    Note: I disconnected the terminal from the relays, and had the same issues with the other 2 terminals connected.

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    Default Re: 6 volts coming into solenoid?

    I would load test battery first. Check cables from battery to engine. 6v to solenoid when cranking is weak. Should be around 10-11v. Solenoid may be weak also. Could be starter itself drawing too many amps. Start at the battery first then work your way back. If solenoid reads 6v. Change solenoid.

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