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    Iíve got an 06 Yamaha f115 that I cant get to crank. I have checked battery connections, all fuses, spark plugs etc. It starts to turn over and starter initiates fly wheel and maybe spins once or twice and then it clicks several times very fast. I have come to the conclusion that it is likely the starter or solenoid. My multimeter says I have 12.5v at solenoid when key is in the on position. This afternoon I jumped the starter from the battery and I got it to crank. Does this mean i have a bad solenoid?

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    Measuring voltage at the starter without the key being in the start position is useless. Means absolutely nothing.

    If the starting system works when 12 volts is applied by jumpering battery power to the starter it probably means that you have a voltage drop issue.

    For instance, put your voltmeter on the solenoid with the key in the on position. You might see 12.5 volts as you say. Have someone turn the key to the start position. Then look at the voltage. What do you see? I bet that it drops too low for the starter motor to work.

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    So I tried what you said to this afternoon and you were right. The voltage is dropping all the way down to around 4-5v on the solenoid when the key is in the start position and it does the same thing when it is touching the starter. It is holding around 12.6v at the battery when key is turned to start. So what exactly should I be looking for here? Had someone tell me today it could be my neutral safety switch but I don’t believe that’s it.

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    It cannot be the neutral safety switch. Power from the key switch goes through the neutral safety switch to provide power to the starter motor relay. If it were the NSS then nothing at all would happen.

    Check all electrical connections between the battery and the starter motor solenoid. Including the grounds.

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    One more thing to check if all connections are clean....

    Grab the Yamaha supplied battery rigging cable, its black and hooks the battery to the engine, Put it next to your ear and listen closely as you bend it. Does it crackle? If yes, the cable is NG....
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    I have replaced the battery cables as of today and checked all connections and I’m still not getting anything. You guys have any more ideas? I read somewhere where someone jumped started the solenoid by jumping 12+ to the brown wire that runs from the solenoid. Is this a good idea? Would this rule out whether or not it is the solenoid?

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    When you measured 4.5 volts when the key was in the start position what side of the solenoid were you on?

    Although the diagram shows the battery cable outboard of the other three red wires i would position it to be right up against the solenoid terminal.

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    I had the red wire from voltmeter where the arrow is pointing, Where the red and black wires meet on solenoid and then the black wire from voltmeter on the ground.
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    Check the voltage on the other side of the solenoid. The terminal that goes to the starter motor. It is possible that the solenoid is causing the voltage drop. Could be the contacts within the solenoid that are causing the problem.

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