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    Default Help needed to identify this engine

    Hi, I bough this engine n Ebay yesterday as a non starter, we found that the woodruff key in the flywheel had snapped and after fashioning one from a washer the engine seems to start ok. It was sold to me as a 10 HP but doesn't appear to have a gearbox, The serial number is 9465546, I think its a Marine 9.9 HP but i'm not sure.

    I need to find a new throttle pulley linkage (94085A) as the cables keep popping out, a woodruff key and some kind of kill switch.

    it tried to attach some images, but the forum wouldn't let me, I hope that serial is ok as I can't find it on the lists?

    Thank you for your time

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    Default Re: Help needed to identify this engine

    That number is coming up as an '86 Belgium built ,link to parts ****://www.marineengine.com/parts/mercury-outboard-parts/99/9461526-thru-9792199-bel

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