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    Default D9-500 Marine shutdown

    I have a pair of 2006 D9, 500HP marine engines. Sometimes if I push the throttle up from slow to fast to rapidly an alarm goes off and engine goes to safe mode idle. Either engine will do it, sometimes both. The CPU must be reset by turning off on the engines to get full operation restored. If I accelerate slowly it never has this issue. I have not read the code at this time as I was in confined areas each time and needed full operation back ASAP. I suspect it has something to due with too much throttle before turbo boost is up to pressure ? any suggestions ?

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    Default Re: D9-500 Marine shutdown

    Your suggestion sounds sensible. Another possibility might be low fuel pressure from dirty filters. If yu have a local Volvo tech their Voda tool should tell you what is happening after they empty your bank account and you have mortgaged your first born.

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