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    Hi all ,I'm buying a 1994 38' egg harbor convertible, with 671 TIB's, does any one here have the same boat and know the full RPM's and speed of this boat,and cruising RPM's and speed ?? Thank you, I'm trying to make sure the engine's are operating as expected. Also if the Hull is cored ??

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    Currently the RPM's are low around 2050 boats been sitting for years engines were rebuilt on 2008 and only 120 hours on them to date,no smoke at all runs smooooth and clean but RPM's low on bolth engines bottom is clean props are good (original) from factory boat is a one owner

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    Have a professional survey done on the hull and the engines. This can become a money pit very fast.
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    I like Detroits. I been running and rebuilding since 1960. One issue with TIBs and other turbo engines is exhaust gas temperatures. Running at full power really cuts the time between overhauls. The high temperatures created eat away at the cylinder components. A usual rebuild is about 3000 hours. If you back off, say 25 knots instead of 30, you can usually double the hours. Natural Detroits can run flat out forever because they don't get that hot. When I was young, I ran 671s and 12v71s turbo engines in a fleet with other operators running the same boats and same engines. By running at about 80% of hp, I doubled the hours between rebuilds, about 6-7000. One set of twins made 11,000 before overhaul. Clean oil is another part of the issue. As an operator, I use to get bonuses for the longer hours between overhauls and not beating the crap out of my motors.

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    We have an almost new 'crate' 12v71NA in a boat. Any idea how I can work out the HP Lepke?

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