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    Hi, was hoping someone might be able to help me answer a question? Ok would anyone know or no someone that would no how much a PAXMAN 12YLC Diesel engine would be worth? It has only done around 400 hours from new! TIA

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    �� Anyone ????

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    They were a good engine but old now. My guess is it's worth the scrap price of steel and other materials. Like WWII engines, priceless if you need one but to out of date, inefficient (by today's standards), and expensive to repair. Best chance of selling would be find someone operating one or a company that specializes in repairing old diesels. Your engine was developed about 1950. Most likely find one in a big tug of that time or a ship auxiliary. Ships have a lifespan of about 30 years. A few survive as research vessels. By now a ship built in the 1950s is almost 70 years old.
    http://www.surplusman.com/ buys and sells used engines and parts.
    https://www.hatchkirk.com use to repair big old diesels, bought engines and spare parts.
    Striegel Supply Inc. (425) 423-9100 [email protected] Specializes in old engines and parts. Used to have a big warehouse of 1930-1960 diesel engines.

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    Thank you lepke appreciate the info given��

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    So is that a TP or RX? Aren't some used in locomotives too? We have seen a similar V12 used in ferry boats that we ride back and forth to our island in the Philippines. They stoped buying old scrap ferry boats from China, Korea, and Japan, they are now making their own boats themselves right on the island. My wife is there now, I will have her ask if these engines are similar, they made tons of them. They also made their own generator barges to supply the island (population 120,000). Where is the engine now? When I had my machine shop here in Duluth, we sold a huge crankshaft lathe to a shop in Manila. 35,000 bucks, they paid the freight, it fit in a 20 ft. container and we trucked it to the west coast, then onto a cargo ship. The Philippines is very resourceful keeping old stuff going and building parts that are obsolete. I have a Mitsubishi dozer, went to a machine shop and they made new track adjuster pistons for me out of solid stainless. Just an example of what we do there.
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