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    Default BF 150 Overheat **FIX**

    Hi all,

    i have a 2013 BF150 with about 600 hours that recently started to go into limp mode with an overheat alarm to go with it. If I left it on, it would shut down after about 20 seconds, but if I turned it off and back on again it would run. After a bit of testing, I concluded that it would happen at any temperature, but only over 4500 rpm.

    After reading through all the posts on here, I changed the thermostats and the 4 temp sensors even though they tested fine. I cleaned the poppet valve (which incidentally can be done with only the cowl removed) and of course I replaced the impeller.

    The reason for this post however is because I couldn’t find any info on how to change the grommet at the top of the water pipe, which eventually is what fixed the overheat issue for me.

    The water pipe has 3 grommets on it. One is on top of the water pump, one is right up inside the leg and there is one in the middle. The middle one just locates the pipe so it can stay there, but the top one needs to be changed.

    You can can access the top grommet with only the gearbox removed. On my 25” leg, I needed about 14” of extension on my ratchet with a 10mm socket, but it was relatively easy to get to the bolt and the retainer. Pull down on the pipe and push it out of the way. I could grab the flange and remove the grommet pretty easily and after cleaning out the gunk, I put it all back together. The extension case stayed on, and the side covers stayed on.

    One thing to be careful of - make sure you lube the splines on the shifter and the driveshaft, and put a heap of lube on the whip bearing that’s about 8” above the water pump. Put a bit on the locating pins as well so it doesn’t get stuck next time.

    So so there it is. Pretty easy job and doable in your driveway. Solved my problem, hope it helps someone.

    good luck!


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    Default Re: BF 150 Overheat **FIX**

    Great post. Thanks.
    CHawk 25 DLX

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    Default Re: BF 150 Overheat **FIX**

    Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: BF 150 Overheat **FIX**

    I just printed that out--thank you for that!

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