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    Default Caterpillar marine motor d333 over heating

    The engine has a keel cooler enclosed freshwater system. the problem is I had a leak in the transmission oil cooler and needed to break the cooling system, lost a fair amount of water. I fix the oil cooler issue and refilled the cooling system, started the motor and had problems with overheating. I then took the thermostat out check to see if it worked and it did, I left the thermostat out to check the system and is still overheating, having a problem with the reservoir tank on the engine being to hot along with the water pump area on the engine is hot but the pipes to the keel cooler at the engine or cold, at in idle the engine will slowly warm up to the boiling point. I'm thinking either an air lock or possibly the water pump but the pressure gauge reads 160 pounds of water pressure, I also drained and refill the system and tried bleeding all the higher lines but after a week no success.

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    You didn't leave a bit of rag or something inside the cooling system? Air block sounds more likely, but how to bleed it will depend on your setup. No seacock to the keel cooler?

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