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    Default Raw water pump drive

    Hi all, We have a 1980 80 hp motor with a odd drive connector for the raw water pump. 2 metal plates with a plastic plate in between. Old style Lovejoy? Anyway, we are stuck in Mobile Bay on way to Tampa and looking for help. The pump bracket cracked, got a replacement installed it. Now when motor is running, pump wobbles I tried making a new center piece for the drive connection out of starboard with slightly larger holes but still get the wobble. The pump side plate ( with 2 pins on it) is worn around the keyway, probably case of wobble. High pressure pump side ( splined with 2 pins ) is in good shape. Anyone know where to get a replacement? Upgrade?
    As I said, we are stranded motorless in Mobile Bay and want to get to Tampa before New Years. Any suggestion?

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    Default Re: Raw water pump drive

    Hi, Sorry to say this coupling is no longer available. However you may find the pump side coupling on ebay It was a browning CHFS2X5/8 A local machine shop can make you a nylon centerpiece. For the future suggest a crankshaft driven pump off the front of the engine. Call American Diesel 804 435 3107 for details.
    Charlie W

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