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    Iím not sure where trailor post go so Iíll try here.my surge breaks locked up. I finially got the money to buy new bearings , disc and new break system and even did the breaklin because the breaks.were smoking . Iím not getting any breaks when I push forward to ingage and bleed them. Nothing came out last time I tried it . I did enough to get about 4 oz fluid .Any ideas since itís all new and no leaks so must be something I didnít do since first time doing this

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    Welcome jackd. There is a trailer section but that's OK. I can move it for you. As far as the brakes not bleeding, have you tried say searching YouTube for your brake manufacturers site or maybe a help video on them?

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    I watched some use a crank bungee . When sque wed you bleed the line. My wife’s friend says use a air compressor to bleed breaks. He thinks air in the line because the breaks don’t lock at all

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    I think you will find a vacuum pump with a bleeder bottle more effective than an air compressor for bleeding out the brake lines....

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