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    Default Throttle issues...

    Hey guys I have a quick question, when boat is tested on land F/N/R shift properly and work perfect. After putting boat in water on the other hand, while in forward boat will not switch to N but will pass N and go to Reverse. Now if you turn the engine off while moving forward very slow but in N position and turn engine right back on boat starts in N and not in gear? Any ideas? Baga 1985 V8 Mercruiser Thank you

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    Ayuh,...... It sounds like the shift switch on the shift plate where the upper, 'n lower shift cables meet, is disconnected,.....

    Probably to hide the symptoms of a failin' lower shift cable,.....

    Btw,..... This should be posted in the Mercruiser forum,.....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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