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    Default outdrive identifacation

    i have in my boat a stringer800 1982 24ft marlin with a 5.7 engine. im having problems with my outdrive and i have an electric shift outdrive but dont know what kind or model it is where can i find out the year and model# and is a electric shift better then the one i have now? i was told i would loose alot of power switching to electric shift

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    Default Re: outdrive identifacation

    Ayuh,...... Welcome Aboard,.... The electric shift stringers are 'bout a decade older than yer's,......

    Stringer drives were improved durin' it's run,.....

    Electrics are the worst of the bunch,..... Hydro-mechanical, or mechanical are better,.....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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