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    Default Are all 3.0 heads interchangeable

    I'm new to the forum so thanks in advance for replies.
    I have a 87 Bayliner with a 3.0 that I recently purchased. Engine was missing heads, intake, top half. I purchased another OMC 3.0 complete but has a slight crack in block. The 3.0 I purchased was a 91 I believe, was still in the boat. Question is are all 3.0 heads interchangeable? I'm debating swapping the head or trying to repair crack. Oil looks clean

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    Default Re: Are all 3.0 heads interchangeable

    As for the cylinder head, check with an Automotive machine shop..... they are usually up to speed on interchangeability.

    As for the cracked block..... I would not suggest repairing it. There may be other damage that is not yet visible!

    Your call!

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    Default Re: Are all 3.0 heads interchangeable

    Ayuh,..... There are several different port configurations,..... But,.....

    All of the 2.5l, 'n 3.0l heads Are interchangeable,.....

    If yer block is only cracked to the outside, ya, epoxy will fix it for another lap,......

    Cracks into the oil cavity probably won't show up, til you've fixed the other cracks, which of course, increases the water flow, 'n pressures at other points in the block's coolin' passages,.....

    Also, if the outside crack is way up high on the port side, chances are the block's top deck is torqued outa shape, 'n the head will never seal properly, 'n the head bolts may not torque down to spec,.....

    If the crack is down low port side, ya might get another lap or 2 outa the motor,......
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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