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    Default Balancing saddle tanks

    My Egg has 135 gallons saddle tanks, total of 270 gallons. I recently ran across the Chesapeake bay with 2 full to the top tanks. Checked them when we got across and one tank was bone dry and the other was nearly full still. I noticed her listing and figured thatís what it was. Is there a way to remedy this so they will pull evenly?

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    How is the fuel system plumbed? assuming there are multiple valves, what position were they in? Finally, if fuel injected, are return lines used?

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    Default Re: Balancing saddle tanks

    Is this a single, or dual engine configuration? The typical configuration I've seen is to have each engine (of a twin engine system) draw from a different tank. It doesn't guarantee perfectly even tank draw, but it stays pretty close. Generally, there's a valve that will allow each engine to independently switch to whichever tank is preferred. You know, like when you maybe find that one tank has bad gas, you can switch both engines to the other tank... Maybe you have both engines switched to the same tank? If you have a single engine system, you may need to see if the engine is set (via valves) to draw only from one tank.

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