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    Default 5.0 TKS Warm start problems

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum but have tried searching for an answer to my quite specific problem without finding any solution.

    I'm having "warm start" issues with my Merc 5.0 TKS (-05) that are similar to what others have reported about "hot start" problems, but just not quite the same.

    The problem I have is that from cold, my engine starts up super easily with just a turn of the key. Same goes for when the engine is hot and I stop for maybe up to ~30 min, the engines just fires up with a turn of the key. When I stop the boat for say above ~45 min, I'm having issues getting it to fire up. I have to run the starter for quite some time before it finally fires up.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

    I checked and the ciode that seems to be the problem when people are reporting hot start issues and it seems to be working just fine, anything else I should have a look at?


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    Default Re: 5.0 TKS Warm start problems

    Try cleaning the TKS piston and the bore that it runs in...perhaps its sticky??? Just remove the two small screws that are in the retaing clip and gently pull... disconnect the control wire first.
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    Default Re: 5.0 TKS Warm start problems

    Thanks for the input, I will check this and get back!
    Anyone else have any other thoughts around this?


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