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    Default Aftermarket VST Fuel Pump... Yes/No, why?

    Hello, brand new member and first time poster here.

    I have a 2001 Yamaha 150 2-stroke with a bad VST fuel pump. With Yamaha getting $5-800 for an OEM pump, I'm seriously looking at aftermarket pumps. Prices seem to start as low at $60 or so, with the ones I'm looking at running around $200.

    Does anyone have a knowledgeable opinion on this? What are the good/best aftermarket brands for fuel pumps?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Aftermarket VST Fuel Pump... Yes/No, why?

    How do you know the VST is bad?

    I don't know about aftermarket brands, but hey.. $60 is pretty low risk. The pump will either work or it won't.. it's not like it will cause any serious damage either way.
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    Default Re: Aftermarket VST Fuel Pump... Yes/No, why?

    You get what you pay for...The cheap person will pay 3x.
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    Default Re: Aftermarket VST Fuel Pump... Yes/No, why?

    My recommendation....replace oem for fuel related parts located inside the cowling, excluding the fuel filter

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