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    Default 2006 BF15D shifter pin

    Well, I have four of them. Not guud eh? Well the closeby
    dealer didnít have one. Going to order one. Big sale
    of their day. Question is, how bad/difficult is it to install
    a new one. One small piece is still held in there
    by the spring in the slot. What have you
    used to hold the spring down out of the way
    in the shifter pin groove? Thanks much.

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    Default Re: 2006 BF15D shifter pin

    The four pieces measure up to 1 5/16”. Whereas
    the new pin is 1.18” or 30mm. Anyone order
    one and it came up short of reaching across
    the clutch shifter?

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    Default Re: 2006 BF15D shifter pin

    There is a National Shortage of shifter pins.
    Dont break yours. But if you can find a 4mm
    bolt and have a diamond blade band daw handy,
    you can make it work. Enjoy.

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