I have a Briggs & Stratton, Model AA0101. I bought it used about five years ago. For a number of reasons, it sat unused in a garage for about five years. My buddy and I would take it out once a year, start it up, and run it in neutral for a while. Last spring, we actually got it out on a boat once. I seem to remember thinking that it really moved the boat quickly. I got it tuned up just recently and took it out on my little 11' boat. The tune-up ensures it starts on one pull now, but it just seems so slow. It is only a 5HP motor, but it seems move the boat ridiculously slowly, and I remember it pushing my buddy's 14' boat pretty quickly last year. Is there some particular reason why it would be so slow now. The mechanic gave it a tune-up and rebuilt the carb. I know next to nothing about motors/engines, so I might be asking some dumb questions. I'm trying to figure out what to make of it. Could it be the hull speed of my boat vs my buddy's that's the difference? Or something going on with the engine?