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    Default BF30A Oil pressure light questions

    Couldn't find any helpful info online so I figured I'd ask you guys. My green oil pressure light has been behaving interestingly. Ever since I bought this motor, the oil pressure light would flicker green at all times when the motor was running; I noticed it would flicker green faster at higher rpms. Recently, my oil pressure light has begun to flicker intermittently and sometimes not at all. It will sometimes flicker green for a while, then turn off for a while, and maybe flicker once or twice again and not at all; It's just all over the place really. So, hopefully you guys can answer some questions for me:

    1) Is this a problem? If so, what could be the issue?
    2) What is a normal oil pressure light supposed to behave like?
    3) Can it ever flicker a different color? Say like red or something?

    Motor has been running perfectly fine even though the light is being weird. I will add that one of the magnets in my flywheel is slightly chipped and delaminating. Not sure if this could be involved in the issue..

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    Default Re: BF30A Oil pressure light questions

    The light should burn green when the motor is running...showing good oil pressure.

    So the first thing to do is check the oil level. If it is old, change the oil. Make sure that the level on the dipstick is about 1/4" from the top mark.

    If the oil is ok, it could still be something going on with the oil pressure, the oil pressure switch or the voltage to the light.

    One test of actual oil pressure (if you do not have an oil pressure gauge) or pressure switch, is to start the engine and disconnect the yellow lead from the oil pressure switch. If the light comes on, then there is an issue with the actual pressure or the switch. The switch could be bad or just need a good cleaning.

    If the light does not come on, then you have an issue with the light, its wiring or the voltage going to it.

    That simple test will at least give you a direction to look further.


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