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    Default can us use an AC fuel pump to replace a Carter style pump in a 305K?

    My 36 year old original mechanical fuel pump started leaking recently, and as I thought it would be a bad idea to have raw gas in the bilge, decided to replace it. By the way, this is a 305K motor from 1981 with a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor. According to the Marine Power owners manual, the part number for the pump is 16.83-00012.

    This hasn't been that easy. There doesn't appear to be a modern direct replacement for my Carter pump, and Robert from Chris Craft parts didn't have a solution. I did, however, get a Sierra 18-7365 pump, because it has the same relative location of inlet and outlet ports (clocked)

    However, the pump is an AC-style pump. I've checked the pump arm distances from the engine flange, and they are similar, so hopefully I won't break the camshaft or pump. The plumbing will be a little different from the Carter, but I should be able to connect everything.

    Just wondering if any of you have replaced a Carter style pump with an AC style pump and had success?


    Bob, Canton, NY

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    Default Re: can us use an AC fuel pump to replace a Carter style pump in a 305K?

    probably easier to install a electric pump.Installed the right way you can reuse the existing fuel line plumbing
    Have not seen an issue with mechanical pumps on GM motors, the cam moves the rod that moves the pump lever. Not an eccentric hub like Ford
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    Default Re: can us use an AC fuel pump to replace a Carter style pump in a 305K?

    FYI..... while I agree that the electric fuel pump may be a better choice, do not forget that doing this will require:

    ...... a N/O low oil pressure switch that will cut power to the pump in the event of an un-planned engine shut-down.
    ...... a Start-by-Pass circuit (w/ a relay) that will operate the pump prior to engine oil pressure.
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