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    Default Yamaha F-150XB Throttle/shift cable issue

    2017 Yamaha F-150XB with 704 Yamaha binnacle, with about 10 hours on new boat. I was not able to get over about 4000 RPM. When returned to dock found the throttle and shift cable had come out of a metal bracket at engine side. There is a rubber bushing on both cables that rests in a bracket at the engine and a plastic clip that holds the cables in place. The plastic clip seems to be inadequate to hold cables in place. After reinstalling cables the shifting is very hard. Also the engine will not start so I'm figuring the neutral switch in the binnacle is not being activated. Any known issues with the 704 binnacle or the cabling on bracket on this engine.

    Item 4 and 5 is actually a single bracket and item 3 (quantity 2) is what holds cable with rubber grommet into bracket(s).
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