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    Default 1988 PCM 454 runs rough over 3000 rpm and once warmed up

    Finally have my boat in the water. Starts fine, idles good and runs good. Once warm it sounds like it is starving beginning at 3000 rpms. Giving it more gas does nothing. When you put in neutral in quits and then is hard to start. Seems like it is not getting gas. I replaced in line gas filter and now will begin process of elimination. Any advice on a priority list of items to go through. I will also replace plugs and wires and would like a recommendation on good wires. Thanks much

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    Default Re: 1988 PCM 454 runs rough over 3000 rpm and once warmed up

    I'd be inclined to check and make sure the timing advances correctly.....and then verify the fuel pressure, under load, across the RPM band.

    If its is fuel starvation, don't run it any longer than necessary.....could be the tank vent is restricted or the anti-syphon valve is clogged, debris in the tank, fuel pump, etc....

    basically, be methodical and keep good notes in your log book.....make one change at a time until the problem is found...

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