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    Default Flying Scott - McCulloch 60 hp - 1960

    I just bought a boat with a Flying Scott outboard - the wiring is really bad ad the distributor cap and rotor is toast. I am in the Toronto area and wonder if anybody can help with sourcing parts and expertise. I completely rewired the entire electrical system - it all turn and seem to work. However I not get any spark.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thanks Rasm

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    Default Re: Flying Scott - McCulloch 60 hp - 1960

    Have you checked the points and condensor.

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    Not apropos to the subject, but this could be useful for anyone who owns a larger Scott / McCulloch engine. I don't know where else to put this.

    Years ago, the generator quit working on my 75 HP McCulloch. I soaked the stator in acetone, then used a wire brush to get most of the epoxy off. I carefully unwound it, taking notes. I got some of the same sized copper wire and rewound it following the drawing I made, and coated it with epoxy. IT STILL WORKS, 40 years later! If you ever have generator trouble, this could save your soup!

    ALSO - if your Rectifier goes bad, disassemble it ( use acetone). The diodes are the same as were used in car alternators in the 1960's and 70's. Press in new ones (OBSERVE THE POLARITY: ...looks kind of like this.... ->!-). Clamp it back together with bamboo skewers in the grooves to keep the two halves from touching. Cover one open side with duct tape and stand it open end up. Pour in epoxy. It worked for me!
    McCulloch generator.pdf

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    Default Re: Flying Scott - McCulloch 60 hp - 1960

    Your going to have parts designers working overtime trying to find a way to keep things from being rebuilt after sharing that info!
    I just had a 1968 25hp Johnson in our shop, honestly I'd rather work on the old stuff, still a strong running motor and all I did was clean the carb and replace some rotted wiring. All these plug and play parts make for a boring job most days!

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