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Thread: Help no spark

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    I rebuilt my center console and rewired all instruments on my Sea Cat,
    Started both 1998 BF90 two weeks ago and they ran great.
    I then changed both water pumps and started the starboard motor Saturday no problem. The port motor had no spark I jumped both the emergency stop and neutral safety switch and nothing. I then took the ignition module from starboard motor to see if that was the problem and no spark , now I put that back on starboard motor and BOTH motors have no spark!
    What did I do wrong ? Everything else works ; lights, fish finder, radar, bilge pumps and trim

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    Firstly the emergency stop should be open circuit for the engine to run, not jumped, the ignition system is grounded to cut the spark. Disconnect your main harness at the engine and make sure the black with red tracer does not go to earth using a multi meter, check that on both the engine plug and the boat harness plug, that wire should be open circuit. If either is closed then you need to find the short in the wiring. Start with that and let me know, these ignition systems are very reliable and don't give much trouble.

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    Great that's a start I will check that tomorrow thank you
    Is there any thing else to look at if the switches are ok

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    Just make sure once everything is reconnected after the checks I mentioned, that there is 12V on the Black/yellow going into the CDI unit. You should find a fault with the stop circuit though because there is not much more that goes wrong with these, in 13 years I have never replaced a CDI unit on either a 75 or 90 Honda.

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    Ok I got it thanks to you starting me on the right track
    I was missing a ground on my instrument panel
    Thanks so much for the help again

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    Well done,happy it's all good

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