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    Default Navy barge engines for sale?

    I have 4 8V-71TI marine Detroit diesels. They are from about 1992-1994. They have 1400 hrs each. I hate the idea of scraping them (which I have to do with the barges) It would be about $4000.00 to truck them home. Both sets of engines have a 360 degree jet propulsion system with them. Anyone have a ball park what they are worth, 2strokes are frowned apon out west

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    Default Re: Navy barge engines for sale?

    We used a lot of 2 cycle Detroit Diesels in our Terex construction equipment in California up until about 2006. We were forced to retrofit to 4 stroke power mostly because those engines leak so much. They are actually designed to leak from the air box tubes. We did government bid jobs that actually came with "leak inspectors".

    Many will argue that the leaks can be cured but keeping up with them just wasn't cost effective from a maintenance standpoint.

    You might still find willing buyers in the earth moving business yet though if they do "private" jobs that aren't so closely scrutinized.

    But, realistically, the "phase out" has been going on for over ten years now and there is just less demand. On the other hand, because they are getting more and more scarce, you find the outfit that NEEDS them they will be happy to hear from you and probably won't blink at shipping charges.

    I'm thinking Alaska might be a good advertising target.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Navy barge engines for sale?

    Used 250ft Accommodation - Work - Crane Barge For Sale. Has Four ... Used converted US Navy YRbarge in 2008 to accomodate 88 persons. .... Has quarters for four crew.18 ton crane , 2 generators, 1 diesel engine for hydraulics on spuds

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    Default Re: Navy barge engines for sale?

    Hi Tugboat Bob. We are looking to move barges around west coast of Florida. We are interested in your detroit propulsion units - can you send pictures? Are they hydraulic drives - [hydrostatic] or shaft driven? Sean

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