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    I am after advice for spray able gelcoat.

    I am doing the bottom of my ski boat.Its all prepped and ready to go.

    Im after advice on what should i mix with the gelcoat so its goes through the gun and what sort of spray gun should i use?catlist etc.How to spray it? i am able to get friends to help out if i need them cleaning guns so the gelcoat doesnt set in spray gun.

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    Ayuh,..... Are ya dead set on usin' gelcoat,.....

    There are some paints out there today that beat gelcoat all to 'ell,.....

    Gelcoat is supposed to be shot into a polished mold, 'n glass after the gelcoat,......

    Sprayin' gelcoat on the outside of an existin' hull, usually involves sprayin' on 3 times what ya need, 'n sandin' it down to get Smooth,....

    2-pt. urethane paints, ya shoot, let cure, polish, 'n wax,.... then go Boatin',.....

    They both hold up 'bout the same,..... run over a rock, 'n they both scratch,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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