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    Default 1971 17 Chris craft lancer 225bvc/250

    I need wiring diagram for the dash trim/toggle switch 6 - spades on back of switch and 4- wires to connect

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    Default Re: 1971 17 Chris craft lancer 225bvc/250

    Ayuh,..... What motor,..??

    What drive,..??
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    Default Re: 1971 17 Chris craft lancer 225bvc/250

    1971 Lancers came with ChrisCraft "manufactured" engines. Depending... they can be either Chevy SBC ( 283 or 327) or Fords. Drives are stock Volvo 250s but if Chevy, had the extension intermediate housing with the engines having a standard BorgWarner bobtail. Fords, as I recall, were flywheel forward setups. Regardless, the electricals are stock Volvo and vary only depending on if the lift motors are 2 wire or 3 wire. There is nothing "special" about the dash switch, any good quality DPDT center off momentary switch will work. One that will take a rubber boot to weatherproof it is preferred.
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