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    Default BF30 LRSA shift rod adjustment after impeller replacement

    I recently acquired a Honda BF30 on a small pontoon boat. It is a 90's model with carburetors. I finally managed the to service the engine after I rebuilt the carbs last fall to just get it running. Of course the PO said he just changed all the fluids...blah..blah. So I changed the oil and filter, spark plugs, sync'ed the carbs, changed the lower unit oil, removed the lower unit and replaced the water pump housing and impeller. New fuel tank, lines, and water separator. Add a new prop and bingo...

    I followed the instructions for the impeller replacement that Honda Publishes. I had 4 threads showing on the shifter rod under the lock nut. Placed the trans in reverse and disconnected the rod. Serviced the LU and put everything back together. Now with the trans in neutral, I get that sound from the gearbox like it is trying to go into gear. It will quiet down when I move the control lever just a hair to the reverse, but not engaging the gear box. I tried adjusting the shifter rod but no setting seems to work. I also disconnected the shifter rod and pushed the rod down to make sure it was in reverse, set the control box to reverse and reattached the rod at factory default of .3" of rod above the lock nut. That didn't work. So I repeated the steps and set the rod showing 4 threads under the locknut as it was before servicing. Again no luck.

    Didn't ave any issues with the gear box prior. The reassembly went smoothly and nothing was difficult of forced.

    Also when the LU was out, never touched the shifter rod at all.

    Any input, help, direction would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: BF30 LRSA shift rod adjustment after impeller replacement

    I believe you turned the UPPER nut too much when you separated the shift rod.----So repeat that process in wee steps.----Some how you need to bring the upper nut down 2 turns before engaging the lower thread.

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    Default Re: BF30 LRSA shift rod adjustment after impeller replacement

    SPOT ON!! Did what you said and reset it to 4 threads out and it worked just as before without the noise. Thanks!!

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