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    Hi guys,

    I am trying to work out what senders are what on this Perkins 4108 engine. Anyone able to help please?


    Sender 2 and 3 seem to be wired in parallel.

    Sender 3 is a 3 pin one.



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    Quote Originally Posted by bigal.nz View Post

    Sender 2 and 3 seem to be wired in parallel
    that is typical of SWITCHES used for the warning horn circuit....so any switch (high temp, low pressure) can turn on the same horn/buzzer.

    As a rule, the number of switches in a warning horn loop varies; most include high coolant temp, low engine oil pressure, high gear temp....so also include the raw water side of the cooling system too.

    For the gauges, you will have a sending unit for each gauge....a list of the installed gauges and the wiring color on their S terminal is the easiest way to start.... then match the S terminal color to the sender and not its location and you probably have 90% of the answer.

    As far as replacement, the sender must "match" the gauge, fit the thread, and then be single station or dual station version...

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    Hi there forum,

    I have a Perkins 6 and it currently is running with a dropped connrod bearing. I am getting a new engine for my boat but was wondering if I pull the piston and rod, reroute the fuel, remove the valve push rods and clamp a set of bearing shells to the crank to keep up oil pressure, will the engine still run reasonably well.

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