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    Post Higgins 17' with Interceptor engine

    Hi I have old Higgins 17' boat with a Interceptor engine and am looking for data on both, manuals, blue prints, specs and any data people might help with rebuilding and repairing both boat and engine. I don't know anything about the boat but I do have Model # H 17 SSS I 185 Serial # 13512. Open to all data people can give me. Boat is a barn find and best I know has been there for over 35 Yrs. Engine is almost totaly disasembled, boat has all the chrome or stainless steel parts. I have pictures if someone is interested in seeing them. Even the windshield in in perfect shape. Trl is single axle with extension tube to put deep in the water. Thank you for any help you might give me.

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    Ayuh,.... Welcome Aboard,.... Yer seachin' for what probably doesn't exist,.....

    Ya might find some ole paper manuals on ebay for the motor,...
    Probably some help on the forums,... it's an old Ford,... Ford left the marine biz decades ago,....
    The knowledge base is dyin',...

    The boat is an ole boat, fiberglass is fiberglass, it Is, what it Is,....
    Hull wirin' is very basic 12v wirin', probably not to current marine standards,...
    Unless that particular hull has a "Cult Followin' ",..... Chances are, nobody remembers what yer Higgins is,...

    Few boats are Worth a full on restoration,..... I have an Old Town Atlantis, '73,.... they go for over $20,000. refitted to current standards,....
    Bud has a bunch of Hi-Liner 222s,... refitted, they get in the high-teen thousands in the 1,000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence river,...
    Any ole hull that catches Yer fancy, Is in fact Worthy of yer labors at a refit, 'n the Pride of boatin' in it for the years to come,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Thank you for your imput to my questions. I will try to see if ebay has any thing and keep researching for data. Thanks again

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    Best knowledge base for old ford engines will be Holman and Moody from Charlotte NC. I spoke with him about a 312 in a 19' Higgins I am starting to get together. Lee moody has forgot more about old ford performance than most of the rest of the world ever knew. I'm sending him my heads at a minimum when I get that far along.
    Good luck, not a lot out there on the higgins recreational boats

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    Thank you for the news I will check it out.

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