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    Default SHO blowing Electronic Throttle fuse

    Need some input. 2010 f225 sho blew the 10amp fuse on engine block that controls the electronic throttle. Originally happened when I was operating the trim up button on plane about 2800 rpm. Gone thru everything I can see and replaced the fuse several times but now it is blowing as soon and the high pressure fuel pump (in vst) comes on (sitting on trailer testing). Fuse for hp pump is located right next to the fuse that is blowing in the fuse block but no other fuses are blowing and the pump runs fine. Fuel pump was replaced about 4 months ago and has been perfect for about 25 hours of run time. Just hope someone here has some experience that may lead me to a solution. Open for any advice at this point. Also, boat is a Ranger with key touchpad, a known problem in the past but has been and seems to be functioning correctly. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Default Re: SHO blowing Electronic Throttle fuse

    More notes: Thinking the trim/tilt motor could be the culprit I proceeded to disconnect the trim motor from the actuator (blue and green wires). Disconnected and although I could hear the solenoid kicking in, the motor was inoperative in both up and down switch positions. Tried to power up again and same 10 amp fuse (electric throttle valve) blew as soon as the fuel pump ran. Also, thinking there could be a short in keypad I proceeded to unplug the startup keypad and override it by plugging in the keyed pigtail provided in case the touch keypad fails. Same scenario, as soon as the fuel pump came alive the 10 amp fuse blew. I am assuming at this point that the electric throttle valve itself is the short but I am not finding much info about it online and have no idea how to check for shorts at the valve itself. If anyone is experienced here, please chime in. Thx.

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