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    Default Volvo 5.7Gi-G 3869366 Diagnostic equipment


    Just joined site. I have recently bought a boat with this engine fitted.
    I can purchase some second hand VOLVO diagnostic equipment but I need to know what I should buy?
    can anyone suggest what I should buy.
    If I have not provided enough information please tell me what Information I need to provide.

    I am an diesel generator engine man so if anyone needs help with this I could probably help!

    Best regards


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    Default Re: Volvo 5.7Gi-G 3869366 Diagnostic equipment

    In all honesty, Volvo has left gas engine diagnostics and uses Rinda, Diacom systems. If you have a laptop go with the diacom system, easier to use than Vodia and does a lot more. The PDA version has been eliminated from Volvo and really doesn't do any more. As far as break out boxes I personally have only used the diesel BOBS. Not sure if they make BOBS for gas applications. The Diacom does just about all injected gas mfgs and does some Merc outboards also. Well worth the expense if your going to be working on your boat, might be able to split cost with somebody who also has an FI boat. Also if using Vodia ,Volvo has frequent updates that require Dealer ID numbers. If purchasing a used Diacom system cables and harnesses are synced, must be used together with software that came with it, but so far all updates have been free. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Volvo 5.7Gi-G 3869366 Diagnostic equipment

    HI Guppy,

    Thank you for this information. Really useful. I will go the Diacom route. I will start researching these.

    Once agin thank you for your help



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    Default Re: Volvo 5.7Gi-G 3869366 Diagnostic equipment

    Have you looked into connecting to a nmea 200 chart plotter? You can add components like a fuel flo senser/s to monitor performance real time. I believe you can flash the ecm as well using the hub? Something to research as well.

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    Default Re: Volvo 5.7Gi-G 3869366 Diagnostic equipment

    Thanks for advice. I will look into this as well.
    Lots to learn - but thats always good

    All the best


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