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    Default Can a punctured heat exchanger be welded/soldered?

    I have a Universal Model 25 with the 3" heat exchanger 299835. One of the mounting hose clamps failed and the heat exchanger vibrated against the underside of the exhaust elbow and developed a puncture leak. The leak is of sea water, not the internal coolant. Can this be fixed with a weld? The cylindrical shell of the exchanger appears to be a copper alloy - is the repair a solder? Thanks for any advice - I'm trying to avoid buying a new one for $350....By the way - the clearance between the 3" exchanger and the exhaust elbow is about zero - is there any trick to mounting this? Thanks

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    Default Re: Can a punctured heat exchanger be welded/soldered?

    Usually, most can be repaired.....the biggest issue/concern is the state of the metal, especially on the 'sea' side....if it is solid and not corroded excessive, satisfactory repairs can be done. if you don't have the experience, I'd suggest finding a local radiator shop thats been around a while. personally, I prefer brazing the larger fittings....

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