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    Default Impellers - type of rubber compound

    Want to find out whether the part no for Yamaha Impellers indicates the type of rubber.

    I was asked to replace an impeller for a 40HP 2-stroke Yamaha; impeller has part number 44352.
    But there's a number of "versions" of this impeller online, with different trailing codes.

    For example 6H4-44352-00, 6H4-44352-01 and 6H4-44352-02 What is the difference between the 00, 01 and 02 versions?

    Someone suggested to me that some of these may indicate the type of shaft key profile, and/or a different compound of rubber.
    Can anyone shed any light?

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    Default Re: Impellers - type of rubber compound

    The part number does not indicate the type of rubber used in an impeller.

    The first three characters denote which model type the part was first used on. 6H4 denotes a 40 HP two stroke motor. Note that a 6H4 40 HP impeller can be used on numerous other models.

    The second five characters denote what the part is. 44352 denotes that the part is a water pump impeller. An F350 impeller will use 44352 as part of its complete impeller part number.

    The third two characters denote part number iterations. 00 denotes it is the first generation of the particular part. If an update is made to the part these numbers will be updated. An 00 will become a -01, a -01 will become a -02, etc. as design changes are made. A -01 is normally a form, fit and function replacement for a -00.

    The fourth two characters denote a colour code. Impellers are not colour coded and therefore -00 is used. If the part is coloured, say like a cowling, the last characters might be something like -4D.

    Bottom line is that there is no one outside of the engineering department within Yamaha Japan knows the differences between the different 6H4-44352 impellers. All the consumer needs to know is that part number 6H4-44352-02-00 is the latest configuration. It is the only part number that remains available today. Order either the -00, -01 or -02 and the -02 is what will be provided. -00 and -01 are no longer available.

    Hope I have not bored you with too much information.

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    Default Re: Impellers - type of rubber compound


    Thanks for a 5-star reply to a forum question. Not only do you address the specific question about impellers, but even provide "inside information" about how to read Yamaha part numbers in general. Your reply goes straight into my boating tips and guides repository for future reference.

    Thanks indeed for taking the time to reply with such detail.


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