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    Default BF30A Timing belt tear

    Just so you guys know, I am very new to boating and working on outboards. My BF30A Honda outboard has a small tear in the timing belt. It still runs fine and I have used it several times since I noticed the tear; the tear has not gotten any bigger. I am curious as if it is safe to continue to use this motor on the ocean until my replacement parts and tools ship in.

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    Default Re: BF30A Timing belt tear

    First off Samav,
    Welcome to boating. Welcome to working on outboards which is a part of boating. And, welcome to the Forum which is part of boating and working on outboards.

    I'm not sure that I could recommend going on the ocean with a "compremised" timing belt. But, people do things I personally wouldn't try every day.

    I suppose you've already "tested" it out but I hope you still have:

    1. Good ground tackle and possibly a drogue to keep the bow pointed upwind/upswell.

    2. A working VHF to call for help.

    3. A membership in SeaTow or another ocean breakdown service.

    4. A rabbit's foot or other effective good luck charm.

    The timing belts on Honda's are very rugged so if nothing cut that belt, then it is old and apt to break if it already has developed that defect.

    But, I believe the most compelling thing I might say is that I believe the 30 is an interference engine. Meaning that, if the valve timing goes too far astray, the pistons can contact the valves when they are open. I actually turned down buying a 30hp Honda for a VERY low price recently because it had thrown the belt and it had bent valves.

    So, disregarding the safety issues, if you take a chance on running it to sea that way, think about the expense you could incur should that belt decide to part at 4000 rpm.
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    Default Re: BF30A Timing belt tear

    I completely agree with Jimmy......change the belt.


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    Default Re: BF30A Timing belt tear

    Thanks for the info!

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