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  1. Default Best breed(s) for car/boat trips?

    I know all dogs differ from breed standards, but what are the best breeds for life on the go? I'm prepared to spend time for proper training and so******ation, and have an above average knowledge of training. I'm looking for a preferred medium sized to a large-small dog. Minimal grooming is also preferred. The vehicle is a jeep grand cherokee, and likely a van or camper. And boating, fishing and waterside kinda dog as well. Not everything is a must, but it must be a companion that is okay with other animals and can handle life on the road with regular breaks and overall calmness. If youcan list a few breeds and the pros and cons it'd be appreciated!

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    My Bull Mastiff is a champ when going out on the water.. not sure if he's "meant" for the water, but he loves it. He's not a small dog either.

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    Hope this will helps:
    Best Dog Breeds for Travel

    • Pomeranians. Pomeranians make great companions, especially for traveling. ...
    • Labradors. Labrador Retrievers are often known for being great rescue and guide dogs; both, in fact, is what makes them ideal for traveling. ...
    • Chihuahuas. ...
    • Yorkshire Terriers. ...
    • Jack Russell Terriers. ...
    • Bulldogs.

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    Adding Golden Retriever to top of the list. Love to travel, great companion dogs and most really love the water.
    My wife and I have had labs, goldens, Cavaliers KCS, Bichons, Minpoodles, and now also have a Pomeranian ( whatever rescues appear at our door!). Pomeranian is a sweet dog, great company, hates water. Cavalier won't get much more than his paws wet... and that took some doing
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    Mine is a Yorkshire Terrier and he's having a great time every time we're traveling. The kids also love his company, so this makes the trip even better

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