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    Default Driving on Snow and Ice

    I put this together for another website but was unable to load it...Because of that and because things are slow here in the winter, I thought I would post it here. If you live in Florida, I apologize.

    For rear wheel drive cars only!

    1. Do not use a lower gear to attempt to slow the vehicle down...downshifting on slippery surfaces will slow the back wheels down which is essentially 2 wheel braking and will send the vehicle into a spin.

    2. If you do not have a limited slip differential and you are stuck on ice or snow, the power will be sent to the wheel with the least traction. To send the power to both wheels, you can temporarily use the emergency brake. This action tends to "fool" the differential into sending power to both wheels. This is the only time the emergency brake should be used in slippery conditions. Once the car/truck is no longer stuck, the emergency brake should be released.

    3. The best weighted material to put in the bed of a pick up truck to gain traction is snow. When the temperature rises and you no longer need it for traction, the snow will melt.

    For all Vehicles!

    .Don't clean the snow off your car while it is in the driveway. Clean the windows and drive it into the street to remove the snow. If you clean it in the driveway, you will be shoveling it twice. Figure out which way the plow comes down the street and clean the car in a spot where the plow won't push it back in the driveway.

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    Default Re: Driving on Snow and Ice

    Tell me about driving on snow and ice. I'm from Northern WI. but now live in FL. There is a God.

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